Passionate. Experienced. Professional

Clinical Massage Therapist (New Zealand)
Diploma in Remedial Massage (Level 6)
Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage (Level 5)
GGS Pre-Postnatal Fitness Coach

Yanxi’s extensive experience spans from working with elite athletes to the local police department in Christchurch, catering to a diverse range of clients including housewives, regular gym-goers, and more. Her approach is characterised by patience and compassion, ensuring that every client receives personalized care. Yanxi plays a crucial role in guiding our clients towards achieving both physical and mental wellness.

Yanxi specialises in:

  • Clinical/Sports Massage Therapy
  • Pain-Free Movements
  • Pre-postnatal Fitness Coaching

“Yanxi at JX Fundamentals is such a talented professional body worker. I saw her for a shoulder nerve complex problem, and she helped me so much with clinical massage therapy and showed me some awesome exercises. I’ve been using her exercises ever since!”

-Roisin. M

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
Active Life Immersion
PN Level 1 Sleep, Stress & Recovery
CrossFit Level-1

With over 7 years of experience in functional fitness coaching, Jong brings a wealth of expertise to his clients. His primary focus lies in assisting individuals in living a higher quality life by promoting pain-free movements. Jong firmly believes in taking a proactive approach to achieve a sustainable and self-supporting active lifestyle. By empowering his clients with the necessary tools and guidance, Jong helps them unlock their potential for optimal well-being and long-term success.

Jong specialises in:

  • Pain-Free Movements
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sleep, Stress & Recovery Coaching

“My initial intention was to ease the pain on my left thigh but I ended gaining more benefits than just recovery. Through thorough assessment by Yanxi and Jong, I got to know my fitness level better and uncover certain muscle issues that I was not aware of. Through only one session and implementing warming up and stretching movements post-therapy advised by Jong, I have recovered from thigh pain without recurrence. This should be the medicine free, straight to the root cause and effective therapy that everyone should look for!”

-Michelle Ooi (Mum with full time job and fitness enthusiast)

Strength & Nutrition Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

David’s coaching philosophy emphasises that personal training should never adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. While our needs may share similarities, our life circumstances are inherently unique. Therefore, he advocates for a personalised coaching approach that caters to individual goals. This philosophy places great importance on the collaboration between coaches and clients, guiding individuals toward personal growth rather than solely prescribing tasks. According to David, true success in personal training hinges on education and comprehending the underlying reasons behind each task.

David specialises in:

Personalised Nutrition Education and Coaching
Tailored Strength Training
Support to Attain Desired Body Composition.

“I signed up for the Nutrition Coaching program with David as I was not satisfied with my physical outlook and eating habits.

David helped me to regulate my meal plan so I (do) not overeat and also gained knowledge on how to have a better quality nutrition wise with normal everyday food without starving and food cravings.

Within 1 month I started to notice I have lost some body fat and I was able to wear my old clothes which were tight and uncomfortable before I started the program.

The biggest takeaway from the program for me was my eating habits as I stopped overeating and also expanded my palate for food like vegetables which was what I used to avoid.

I would recommend this program for anyone who is interested in learning better nutrition and eating management for healthier lifestyle.”

-Lim Ming Yuan

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“I’ve had multiple sessions with Yan Xi, helping with a lot of combat sports related issues that come up in training. Very talented therapist, and I highly recommend booking in with her.”

— Jerry M. (BJJ athlete)

“Great functional training sessions, Highly recommended! Assessments were conducted to check which area you need to improve on and exercises are targeted at those areas, and in conjunction with what you want to achieve through the training. Home exercises and guidance were provided as well! Through the 10 sessions, have seen great improvement in my knee and wrist strength, thus helping to prevent injuries down the track!”

— Shian Li Goh